What’s special about Bishnupur Temple

Innumerable Architectural structures

Due to short supply of stone in Bengal, burnt clay bricks came as a substitute and architects of Bengal found the new way of a beautiful craft known as ‘Terracotta’. More

Beautiful Terracotta Designs

Rasmancha proudly stands on a laterite plinth and owns a single chamber neighbouring hut shaped turrets along with an elongated tower. More

Archeological and Artistic Importance

Jorbangla temple , established by Malla king Raghunath Singh is one of the exceptional examples of the terracotta art of West Bengal and owns a unique architectural structure. More

What’s interesting about Baluchari Silk

1. Gorgeous and Traditional Textile
2. Mythological Designs
3. Unique Method of Making

Bishnupur is famous for Baluchari sarees and Terracotta artifacts. The world famous Baluchari-design was inspired by the terracotta tiles of the temples. Take a tour to nearby Panchmura village which is the home to famous terracotta industry. Get a live demonstration on terracotta crafts and take beautiful souvenirs or jewellery to gift your near and dear ones. Enhance the aristocracy of your drawing room with the long necked terracotta horse or 'Bankura Horse' which is the logo of All India Handicrafts as well. The famous indoor game played by Malla kings was ‘Dashabatar Tash’ and it is internationally famous as a collector’s item.The Lantern and handloom industries are also very much popular here. Be a part of ‘Bishnupur Mela’ to create memories for a lifetime. More

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Available every Saturday at Poramatir Haat

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Eco Camping Tents

Stay at temple city Bishnupur, Make some adventure

Available everyday on Pre-booking at Lalgarh ParkPoramatir Haat

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Make Your Holiday Plan

Plan your holiday in this serene place that is world-famous for its ‘Baluchari’ saree and various forms of artifacts. Explore a town that speaks the language of terracotta.
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